Mahoning Valley Stonewall Democrats’ Club

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Where They Stand

On Important LGBT Issues:

EHEA-Equal Housing & Employment for LGBT failed to pass in Ohio.

ENDA-Federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act protects LGBT workers.

Religious Freedom Restoration Act-Allows discrimination by businesses because you are LGBT. Pending in Ohio legislature since 2013.

First Amendment Defense Act: Prohibits the government from punishing anyone who discriminates against anyone based on religious or moral conviction that marriage is between one man and one woman or that sexual relations are reserved to such marriage.

DOMA-Federal Defense Of Marriage Act which banned marriage equality. Was declared

             unconstitutional and is no longer the law.

US President

 Democrat Hillary Clinton

Supports Marriage Equality and will appoint Supreme Court Judges who support equality.

Opposes Religious Freedom Act which allows discrimination against LGBT.

Secretary Clinton stood before the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva and told the world’s leaders, “gay rights are human rights”

Banned employment discrimination of LGBT as Secretary Of State.

Clinton Foundation supports AIDS patients worldwide.

Republican Donald Trump

Trump will appoint Supreme Court Judges to end marriage equality.

Trump pledged to sign federal First Amendment Defense Act to allow LGBT discrimination.

Running mate Mike Pence signed anti-LGBT Religious Freedom Act in Indiana. Pence opposed Matthew Sheppard hate crimes Bill and the repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’. He supported offsetting funding for HIV prevention with funding for the abusive practice of so-called “conversion therapy.” Supports constitutional amendment to ban marriage equality in the US. Signed a bill to jail gay couples who applied for marriage licenses.

US Senate

 Democrat Ted Strickland

Prohibited discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity in State government as Governor.

Supported the EHEA.

Appointed first openly gay cabinet director in Ohio & first openly gay judges.

Supports marriage equality


Republican Portman

Voted for DOMA federal ban on LGBT marriage.

Voted against ENDA.

Supports Religious Freedom Discrimination Bill.

Promoted Issue 1 banning gay marriage in Ohio.

Recently changed his stance to support marriage equality.

US Representative 6th District

 Democrat Michael L. Lorentz


Supports Marriage equality


REPUBLICAN Bill Johnson opposes marriage equality and supports Religious Freedom Act. Voted to ban

Pres. Obama from opposing DOMA in court. Co-sponsor of First Amendment Defense Act.

US Representative 14th District

 Democrat Michael Wager


Supports marriage equality

REPUBLICAN Dave Joyce opposes marriage equality and voted No on ENDA in HR 4974. Co-sponsor of First Amendment Defense Act.

US Representative 13th District

( Youngstown, Warren, Akron )

 Democrat Tim Ryan

Voted for Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Bill

Co-Sponsor ENDA & Student Non-Discrimination Act


REPUBLICAN Richard Morckel  Supports Religious Freedom Act to allow LGBT discrimination.

Ohio Senate 33rd District

 Democrat Sean O’Brien

Supports EHEA

Opposes Religious Freedom Act



REPUBLICAN Robert Allen Supports Religious Freedom Act with LGBT discrimination.

Ohio House 58th District

( Youngstown)

 Democrat Michele Lepore-Hagan

Supported EHEA

and marriage equality



REPUBLICAN Corrine L. Sanderson opposes both

Ohio House 59th District

(Austintown, Boardman, Canfield, Poland)

 Democrat John Boccieri

Was a co-sponsor of EHEA in Ohio

For Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act

Co-Sponsor ENDA

Voted to end Don’t Ask Don’t Tell


REPUBLICAN Don Manning opposed marriage equality

Ohio House 63rd District

( Warren )

 Democrat Michael O’Brien

Opposes Religious Freedom Act

Supports EHEA



REPUBLICAN Richard Hlaudy opposes marriage equality

Ohio House 64th District

(Niles, Newton Falls, Girard, Hubbard, Lordstown)

 Democrat Glenn W. Holmes


Supports marriage equality



REPUBLICAN Devon A. Stanley

Opposes marriage equality